The history of our company

The buffalo horn in our trademark is a reference to the roots of the company.

Johannes Buchsteiner founded the family business in 1910. In the early years the company produced salad servers made out of real buffalo horn.

In 1924 Buchsteiner ended up producing their own raw material.

Cutlery made out of buffalo horn

The first trade show appearance of the company was in 1926 in Leipzig. Initiation of business relationships in Europe, USA and Canada.

1938: starting the production using new raw materials: pollopas, acrylic glass, synthetic resin and polystyrene. This allowed the company to produce beakers, bowls and plates.

In 1940 the company had 263 employees and approx. 80 apprentices got their qualification. The women who had a family were able to work as flexible as possible.

After the start of the Second World War the production had to be shut down due to lack of raw material.

After World War 2 the German Lufthansa  got the license to fly again, and so Buchsteiner got the order for the first on-board tableware.

The design was created by  prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld. These products can be seen at the museum nowadays.

On-board tableware „Wagenfeld“ for the Lufthansa

The following years were very successful for Buchsteiner. The households in Germany and Europe needed buckets, bowls, tubs, boxes, dishes and all kind of kitchen gadgets. The injection molding was in the focus of the production. Quality and function were always in the first place.

The products got attractive and timeless shapes by well-known international designers.

Our “Spätzlewunder”


The 80‘s and the 90´s were the years of huge changes: market saturation in the consumer market, competitors from Asia, opening the borders to Eastern Europe.

With the begginning of the new millenium, Buchsteiner made the decision to cancel the production of household products, and to focus on boxes and shakers bottles.

Our customers still get high quality functional brand products from Buchsteiner – Quality made in Germany!

Excactly the way we practice it for over 110 years.