Long before the current discussion about plastic and environment started, sustainability was in the focus of our corporate policy. For over 110 years Buchsteiner products are standing for quality, function and attractive design.

  • Our Buchsteiner products comply with the EU and FDA requirements regarding food contants, regularly tested laboratories.
  • Our raw materials are supplied by german and european producers. This guarantees the durability and sustainability of all our products that can be also 100% recycled.
  • The search for new raw materials on the one hand side recyclate and on the other hand side bio based material is a permanent process now and for the future.
  • All kind of production waste is completely recycled and reused since we started our production.
  • Our low-emission production at our head quarter in Gingen/Fils allows us a 3 shift production right in the middle of a housing area.
  • Our production side in Gingen enables short reaction and delivery time as well as short transport distances to our customers.
  • Raw materials are almost completely delivered by german regional suppliers.
  • The coolant required for our production is coming from our own spring with a closed water circulation.
  • The waste heat recovery from our production to heat our head quarter.
  • The photovoltaics on the roofs of our head quarter induct the solar energy directly into the net of our local supplier of eletric energy.
Our products are characterised by




Here is our code of conduct for suppliers and business partners.